Nonno Nando

Grandfather Nando

It was year 1923 when the great-grand father Ferdinando (1893 – 1980) decided to plant the first vineyard on the hills of Cinzano Torinese to produce his own wine. Until that moment the Rossotto family had been working as a farmer for the priest of Cinzano.

Rossotto Aldo e Olga

Rossotto Aldo and Olga

In the March of the same year his son Aldo (1923 – 2015) was born, and the farmhouse where they lived was renovated to best fit wine production and working animal breeding activities.


The Phylloxera disease (a grape disease introduced in Europe from America) destroyed the vineyards of the family, like many others in Italy. Starting in 1945 all plants had to be up-rooted and new pathogen resistant ones had to be replanted. It was a very hard work.

In 1948 Aldo’s first son Livio was born, followed in 1959 by Stefano. Livio and Stefano both contributed to the enlargement of the company and to the production of quality wines. During the ‘60s with the birth of the Denomination of Controlled Origin (D.O.C.) the first wines with the Rossotto brand were bottled.

In 1973 a new cellar was buit, and new equipment was bought. In 1997 the business was further expanded and a new basement was specially built for the wine making and ageing processes. Finally in 2007 the wine shop and the tasting room were built.

Today the Rossotto brand is still a family run business, where the holder, Stefano, is helped by his sons Federico, oenologist and Matteo, agrotechnic.