The Cellar

The rooms in the cellar are used for the vinification of the grapes, the ageing, the bottling and packaging the wine. In 2012 solar panels were installed on the roof of the ancient stable to generate the electricity we need to make our good and environmentally-friendly wine.



After a careful selection in the vineyard, the grapes are taken to cellar with baskets or carts. Here the wine making process begins with the de-stemming and the crushing of the grapes. We only use the best equipment and machinery in every step of production in order to get the best out our grapes.



Fermentation is the crucial process that transforms must in wine. The cellar is equipped with modern hi-tech vats to preserve all the flavour and fragrance of the grapes.

The care for our products continues during the ageing process. Depending on the grapes and on the wine, we opt for a short, a medium or along ageing. We use modern stainless steel tanks or traditional oak barrels to obtain the best maturation for each different wine.

To guarantee the highest standards in every step of production, we have chosen to keep every process in-house, from vinification to bottling and packaging. Every step is closely monitored by us, by our high tech equipment and by an external certification body.

The result is a high quality and certified wine.